O lateral esquerdo Paul Konchesky abandonou o Gillingham, da terceira divisão inglesa, para ingressar no Billericay Town, equipa que actua no sétimo escalão.

Aos 35 anos e após uma carreira bem preenchida, o jogador antevê já o ponto final da carreira, como fez questão de enunciar nas suas redes sociais:

This is probably the toughest decision I’ve ever had to make, but the time has come for me to blow the whistle on my playing career. After 650 professional games in a football career spanning 20 seasons, to now say that I’m hanging up my boots is extremely tough, and if I’m honest, very emotional. Football has given me so much for so long and I know I am going miss everything about the game. I’ll miss the fans who have been brilliant to me at every club I’ve played. I’ll miss the day to day dressing room banter which is a massive part of any football club. And I’ll even miss the training…although not quite as much as all the other things. I obviously cannot say a personal thank you to everyone who has been a very big part of my whole career. I have been blessed to have been surrounded by so many good people and hopefully I’ll be able to shake a lot of hands and let them know how much they all mean to me. That said, I would like to say a massive thank you to all 9 football clubs I have played for and all of the teams staff and supporters connected to every individual club. I would also like to say a massive big thank you to my mum and dad, wife and kids and the rest of my family who have been alongside me through thick and thin. They really have been my rock. I have been blessed to have played the best game in the world at the highest level and there really are no regrets. So until I meet you again in person, a million thanks for all the love and support. It has been an amazing journey Thank you KONCH !! 💙⚽💙⚽

Uma publicação partilhada por Paul Konchesky (@paulkonch) a

Konchesky foi uma presença recorrente nas selecções jovens inglesas e chegou mesmo a conquistar duas internacionalizações pelo país. Jogou em clubes de nomeada como o Liverpool, Tottenham, West Ham, Leicester ou Fulham.

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